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Despiece fueraborda yamaha f50

Quick Links. See also: Owner's Manual. Edition LIT 6C If you have any question about the operation or maintenance of your outboard motor, please consult a Yamaha dealer. Page 5 Table of contents Fuel Page 6 Procedure Page 7: General Information Record your outboard motor serial number in the spaces provided to assist you in ordering spare parts from your Yamaha dealer or for reference in case your outboard motor is sto- len.

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Key number Page 8: Star Labels General information particular label. Star labels location This label is attached to the clamp bracket or the swivel bracket. Page 9: Safety Information General information the outboard should be equal to or less than the rated horsepower capacity of the boat. If the rated horsepower capacity of the boat is unknown, consult the dealer or boat manufacturer. Do not modify the outboard. Modifications could make the motor unfit or unsafe to use.

Page Important Labels Do not touch or remove electrical parts Never illegally discard dump the product. Yamaha recommends consulting the deal- Keep hands, hair, and clothes away er on discarding the product. Page Other Special Situations General information EMU Reading buoys and other markers Other special situations The waters of the United states are marked There are three other rules you should be for safe navigation by the lateral system of aware of when driving your boat around oth- buoyage.

EWM Stop engine before refueling. Take care not to spill gasoline. All 4-stroke engines are shipped from the Yamaha does not recommended gasohol factory without engine oil. Page Battery Requirement Yamaha outboard motors are fitted with pro- pellers chosen to perform well over a range of applications, but there may be uses where Page Start-In-Gear Protection For instructions on propeller removal and in- stallation, see page EMU Start-in-gear protection Yamaha outboard motors or Yamaha-ap- proved remote control units are equipped with start-in-gear protection device s.

This feature permits the engine to be started only when it is in neutral. Always select neutral Top cowling This gauge is located on either the fuel tank Moving the lever farther opens the throttle, cap or on the fuel joint base. Page Tiller Handle Basic components trol lever in the neutral position and lift the the boat moves astern.

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NOTE: The neutral throttle lever will operate only when the remote control lever is in neutral. The remote control lever will operate only when the neutral throttle lever is in the closed position. Throttle indicator adjuster to maintain the desired throttle set- EMU ting. Throttle friction adjuster EMU A friction device provides adjustable resis- Engine stop lanyard switch tance to movement of the throttle grip or the The lock plate must be attached to the en- remote control lever, and can be set accord- gine stop switch for the engine to run.

EMU Main switch The main switch controls the ignition system; its operation is described below. Lanyard 2. Nut Steering friction adjuster A friction device provides adjustable resis- Nut tightening torque: tance to the steering mechanism, and can be 3.

An ad- juster lever is located on the bottom of the NOTE: tiller handle bracket. Variable trolling RPM switch 1. Trim tab 2. Bolt EMU 3.Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Electrical systems It has been written to suit the needs of persons who have a basic understanding of the mechanical and electrical concepts and procedures inherent in the work, for without such knowledge attempted repairs or service to the equipment could render it unsafe or unfit for use.

Use the information below as a guide for effective and quality service. Page 7: Symbols Symbols 1 to 5 in an exploded diagram indicate the grade of lubricant and the lubrication point. Keep gasoline and all flammable products away from heat, sparks, and open flames. Parts, lubricants, and sealants Use only genuine Yamaha parts, lubricants, and sealants or those recommended by Yamaha, when servicing or repairing the outboard motor. Page 9: Good Working Practices Safety while working 6.

Keep a supply of clean, lint-free cloths for wiping up spills, etc. Good working practices Special tools Use the recommended special tools to pro- tect parts from damage. Use the right tool in the right manner—do not improvise.

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This manual covers the following models. Page Features And Benefits Features and benefits Newly designed four carburetors Newly designed four carburetors have been based on the current F50A.

Prime Start has been adopted for the starting system to further increase starting performance and serviceability. Further- more, the acceleration pump and the dashpot have been integrated to simplify construction and to ease serviceability. The CDI unit contains a built-in microcomputer that determines the ignition timing separately for acceleration and for normal operation, based on signals received from the pulser coil, thermoswitch, and oil pressure switch.

The use of the same type of gears that are used in a higher class model provides ample dura- bility, making it possible to accommodate a wider range of applications throughout the market. This shift mechanism enables a prompt engagement of the dog clutch regardless of the operating speed of the shift lever. Thus, smooth and positive shift operation has been made possible.

Page Technical Tips To facilitate the starting of a cold engine, an air-fuel mixture that is richer than normal is required. In the Prime Start system, the thermo heater plunger is in a position that fully opens the fuel enrich- ment valve while the engine is being started. Page Technical Tips Technical tips Carburetor operation 1. Idle and low-speed operation Since the vacuum at the venturi is low when the throttle valve is opened slightly, the main nozzle does not supply any air-fuel mixture to the engine.

When the engine is operating at idle, the fuel that passes through the pilot jet and the air that passes through the pilot air jet mix, enabling the air-fuel mixture that has been regulated by the pilot screw to be fed through the pilot outlet. Medium speed operation When the throttle valve opens further, air-fuel mixture is fed from the pilot outlet and all the bypass holes. In addition, air-fuel mixture is also supplied from the main nozzle in accordance with the opening angle of the throttle valve.

Page 19 Technical tips 3. High-speed operation When the throttle valve approaches its fully open position, the fuel that has been regulated by the main jet and the air that has been regulated by the main air jet are mixed in the main nozzle.

The resultant mixture is then sprayed by the main nozzle into the venturi. Page Acceleration Pump INFO General information Acceleration pump The function of the acceleration pump is to ensure a smooth acceleration by preventing the air-fuel mixture from becoming temporarily lean in case the throttle valve is opened suddenly.

When the throttle valve is opened suddenly, a large volume of air is introduced into the engine. However, because fuel is heavier than air, it is not possible to supply the volume of fuel that is necessary for the large volume of air that has been introduced.

Page 21 Technical tips Operation When the throttle is opened suddenly, diaphragm 1 via the link that is connected to the throttle lever operates to pressurize the air in the pump chamber.

The pressurized air opens diaphragm 2, and becomes distributed to the carburetors by passing through the pipes that are connected to the carburetors. Page Ignition System INFO General information Ignition system In order to determine the optimal ignition timing that is necessary for the proper operation of the engine, the built-in microcomputer in the CDI unit detects the signals from various types of sensors and controls the ignition timing in accordance with a control map that is based on those signals.

The microcomputer also effects controls to protect the engine against overheating, over-revolution, and oil pressure drops, as well as to control warning devices. Page 23 Technical tips Pulser coil The pulser coil transmits the pulser signals, which are generated in the pulser coil in accordance with the rotation of the flywheel, to the CDI unit.If you continue to browse, you agree to its use. The user may at any time revoke the consent given by eliminating them on your computer and changing the settings in your browser.

You can get more information or how to change the settings in the "Legal Terms" cookie policy section. You can find information about how to delete cookies in your browser in Google. Por eso para cambiar el aceite viejo debe ser aspirado por el tubo de la varilla que mide el nivel del aceite, pero de esta forma quedaran impurezas en el fondo del motor, por eso es importante que el cambio de aceite se realice a menudo y utilicemos aceites de buena calidad.

Si se trata de un motor fueraborda de cuatro tiempos, este necesita un cambio regular de los aceites lubricantes y filtro. Antes hay que tener preparado un recipiente para la recogida del aceite usado. Una vez vaciado el carter debemos desenroscar el filtro y para ello existen algunas llaves especiales que permiten abrazarlo para su desenroscado. El filtro debe estar limpio y las manos muy secas para que no se nos escurra.

Es conveniente dejar que el motor escupa el resto del aceite usado por la rosca del filtro esperando una media hora. El nuevo filtro ofrece una junta de goma que debe ser untada de aceite limpio antes de ser roscado al motor. Apriete el filtro con la mano de forma fuerte pero sin ayuda de ninguna herramienta. No es bueno apretarlo demasiado fuerte. Feed RSS.Pulse Aceptar para dejar de visualizar este mensaje. Filtrar por Segunda mano, Outlet o Nuevo.

despiece fueraborda yamaha f50

Borrar todo OK. Segunda mano. Eje corto compatible motores Yamaha cv para helices con pasador. Contiene eje marchasy dado para ajustar varilla. Para motores fueraborda yamaha cv 2 tiemposdimensiones base45x27 cm. El motor gira perfectamentebloque cerrado sin carburador ,electronica ni depositocontiene plato magnetico en muy buen estado.

Eje corto largo total 51 cm. Contiene tapon interior sin oxido falta grifo. Funciona perfectamenteen buen estado6e En buen estado hay que cambiar cable gas. Contiene soporte deposito combustibley cierre tapa. Solo bloque cerradono contiene carburadorelectronicaarranque o depositocompatible con mercury o mariner.

Compatible con motores hidea 9,9y yamaha 15cv-9,9. Largo total 24 cmlargo introducible 16 cm. Compatible com motores yamaha cv 2tfalta limpiar.

Compatible con motores hidea 9,9 4ty motores yamaha 9, cv 4t. Contiene palanca cambios marchas,tubo de agua y varilla marchas. Bloque cerrado sin electronicasitema de combustibley arranque manual. Para motores Yamaha 9. Compatible con parsun -Hidea,9 cv 4t. Para motores fuerabordayamaha de 9, cv 2 tiempos.

Eje desde la base de la bomba54,5 cm. Pramo tores yamaha 25cv 2tde un solo carburador. Bloque cerrado sin sistema combustibleni electronica.Caracteristicas :. Eje : Largo. Numero de cilindros : 4. Sistema de arranque : electrico. Tipo de mando : Mando a distancia. Sistema de Combustible : inyeccion electronica EFI. Power trim : si Power trim and tild.

Los precios pueden variar sin avisolas caracteristicas pudieran variarlos motores vienen con lo que el fabricante incluye de serie. Sobre nosotros.

Embarcaciones fibra. Embarcaciones Quicksilver. Neumaticas y semirrigidas. Neumaticas y Semirrigidas Ocean Bay Boats.

Neumaticas Ocean Bay Basic. Neumaticas Ocean Bay luxe.

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Semirrigias Ocean Bay Luxe. Neumaticas Mercury. Semirrigidas Mercury. Valiant Serie Sport Solo Casco. Neumaticas suelo aluminio desmontable. Neumaticas suelo tablillas enrollable. Neumatica imnasa suelo hinchable. Fuerabordas nuevos. Motores Fueraborda Seanovo. Motores Fueraborda Ocean Bay-Aquaparx mismo fabricante ozeam 1.

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Fuerabordas Yamaha 2. Fueraborda Yamaha Mando Popero. Fueraborda Yamaha Mando a Distancia. Fueraborda Yamaha Mando Electronico.En Partsss, tu tienda online especializada en recambios originales de motos y scooterspuedes encontrar gran cantidad de recambios y accesorios de moto relacionados con la marca Yamaha.

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despiece fueraborda yamaha f50

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despiece fueraborda yamaha f50

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Nuestra empresa Formulario de contacto y el registro.The F50 is an extremely popular mid-range 50hp four-stroke outboard engine. This Yamaha 50hp outboard engine is an excellent all-rounder with good power characteristics, nice and light handling, good fuel economy and superb reliability.

Seen here is a brand-new F50 engine, suspended in mid-air in one of Yamaha's own publicity images. However, for the real-life images, please see below. Therefore we normally request full details of your boat before we prepare a bespoke quote specifically for you for a new Yamaha F50 engine. Our quote for a new Yamaha 50hp engine will not only include the 50hp Yamaha four-stroke engine itself: it will also include the propeller: the throttle controller: rigging: control wiring: instruments etc.

What makes a difference on quoting each customer's boat is the variable amount of work involved with removing the old engine; then any alterations to the steering: fuel line and especially making sure the electrical system is compatible with the new Yamaha 50hp engine.

No back-street bodging is allowed! For budgeting purposes, new Yamaha F50 outboard engines normally have a Yamaha recommended retail price of 7, We have even been known to offer substantial discounts to customers who live in Lancashire yes; times really are that hard up here in The North.

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Most new installations of F50 engines work out at 7, Please see notes on this page for why this might vary a bit. From when your new Yamaha F50 engine has been ordered here in Yorkshire that means the deposit paid! This timescale for the availablity of new Yamaha 50hp outboard engines usually depends on our workshop workload and also how quickly the new 50hp engines arrive with us from Yamaha in their European warehouse.

However it is normally two weeks from Yamaha F50 order to completion; slighly longer at the busiest times of the year. Occasionally up to four weeks if we need to manufacturer some bespoke parts for a more complex Yamaha F50 re-engineeering project.

However this budget for a brand new 50hp outboard engine can vary depending on whether or not this new 50hp Yamaha engine installation is installed onto a "clean new hull": or whether it is a more complete engineering project. More work is often required as a retrofit a 50hp outboard onto an existing boat. Retrofit projects and re-engineering will often involve removing an 50hp existing engine: then preparing the boat complete and ready for the new Yamaha F50 outboard engine.

This additional work may include dealing with issues like replating old instrument holes and cutting new ones for new Yamaha F50 modern instruments. Please note that sadly insurance replacements of 50hp Yamaha outboard engines often cost more than this budget: This is not us ripping off the insurers! Therefore a new Yamaha F50 engine cost exactly what we said above: however all the rest of these repairs of everything which was once connected to the engine: and have been severed just add to the total bill.

Our workshop charges for the complete standard annual service on one Yamaha F50 is a total of This F50 service includes all labour yamaha trained techiciangenuine yamaha spare parts, genuine yamilube oils engine and gearbox and all consumables. We undertake all recommended safety inspections - including checking kill-cords - as part of this standard service.

We include a fully computerised diagnostic check on all Yamaha engines which are fitted with computerised diagnistics ie like the modern F50 shown here in this photo, all linked up to the Pennine marine engine diagnostics laptop.